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Aeronautics Complex

Aeronautics complex Basque Coubtry

Welcome to Technocité the aeronautics complex of Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz

Two primary specializations


1 – Local cluster, grouping aeronautics, space and embedded systems
operations on the same site:

> Research, technology and development of new products and processes, in particular:

  • COMPOSITADOUR a technical center for composite materials accommodating the Lorient start-up, Coriolis Composites. This company has developped a 8-axis robot for the placement of composite fibers that is intended for use in the aeronautics, automobile, construction materials and medical industries.
  • The platform and server for the SMMART-ISIS project (initiated by Turbomeca) constituting one of the pillars of the competitiveness cluster’s strategic domains in Maintenance, Services, and Training.

> Training : training center including the Turbomeca Instruction Center and a branch of the UIMM (Union of metallurgy industry and professions) in Aquitaine.

> Industrials : aeronautics sheet-metal work, aeronautics electrical, diagram software, robotics…Construction of the BHR factory for the design and manufacture of composite helicopters is well under way. Production is due to begin in 2011.

2 – Services for industry:

concentration of offers from service companies which have organized their combined resources to meet the outsourcing needs of major corporate groups, and offers of specific services to suppliers (studies, inspection).

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